Sample of Quilting Patterns

Here are a few digital quilting designs…the choices are unlimited and easily purchased.  We can help pick the perfect stitching that will enhance your project.

Curlique Vine e2eCurlique Vines

e2e Botanical BlossomsBotanical Blossoms


e2e Brocade FansBrocade Fans

Circle and LinesCircle and Lines

Circle MeanderCircle Meander CloudsClouds

e2e Cotton SeedsCotton Seeds e2e Curls and SwirlsCurls and Swirls

e2e Daisy DaysDaisy Days e2e DamaskDamask e2e Feather & SwirlsFeather & Swirls e2e Geo SwirlsGeo Swirls

e2e DaisiesDaisies


e2e FireFire e2e Fulton FeatherFulton Feather

e2e F SwirlsF Swirls

e2e GinkoGinko e2e Hearts in a SwirlHearts in a SwirlInside OutInside Out e2e Stars & LoopsStars & Loops

e2e Leaves and LoopsLeaves & Loops e2e Loops and HeartsHearts & Loops e2e MeanderMeander

e2e Just RosesJust Roses e2e Kicking up a StormKicking up a Storm

e2e Stars & CurlsStars a Swirl

e2e star spangled bannerStar Spangled Banner

e2e Dave's Wind SwirlsDave’s Wind Swirls

e2e Swirls & Feathers 3Swirls & Feathers 3

Longarm Quilting Finish your quilt with a stitched design tailored to your project.