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Your Name_______________________________________________
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Your Email Address_________________________________________
Quilt Description/Pattern Name_______________________________
Quilt Colors_______________________________________________
Quilt Width & Length _____(W) X_____(L)= _______Total Sq Inches
Backing Size (must be 8 inches bigger than quilt top)________________
Supplied Batting (YES/NO) (must be 8 inches bigger than top) Size____
Preferred Thread Color_______________________________________
E2E Quilting Pattern Name____________________________________
Do you want me to bind? (YES/NO) _____________________________
Photo Release: Can I use pictures of your project on the internet? YES/NO) ____

Edge to Edge Quilting Fee  $.02 Per Sq Inch ( E2E Price Subject to change).   Minimum Fee $50.00
Custom Quilting Fee $.035 Per Sq Inch (Custom quilting prices may vary).   Minimum Fee $100.00
Minimum batting Fee $10.00 – if batting isn’t supplied.
Basting Fee $.005 Per Sq Inch.  Minimum Fee $40
Waiver: I realize that machine quilting is a custom service and that things can go wrong during the process, the sewing machine can malfunction, there could be design miscommunication etc. I take full responsible for convening my design ideas clearly and I understand that Cathie Giambalvo will always attempt for the best possible results. I release her from any liability.
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